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  • We are highly specialised: As a classic head-hunter, we specialise in qualified specalist and executive search in Russia, Ukraine, and Eastern Europe (Czech Republic, Slovakia, Bulgaria, Poland and Romania).
  • We are in touch with the market: We do not conduct our search through any third party (e.g. Eastern European agencies in the target country), but directly and locally by SCHERL & PARTNER consultants.
  • We are expedient: High market penetration, structured procedure, tightly organised project management and the expertise gained from successful projects quickly lead to the desired results.
  • We guarantee success: Fast filling of your vacancies is guaranteed (within 2-3 months on average). In example, this means that you travel to Kiev, Moscow, Prague, Sofia or Warsaw on a Friday, personally meet several highly qualified candidates on Saturday and travel back on Sunday with a shortlist of two or three most promising candidates for a follow-up interview.