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principles & policies

Every one of our services includes the consulting of our clients. Therefore, SCHERL & PARTNER have developed a standard for quality consulting that is maintained throughout. Our quality consulting service is governed by transparent criteria and customised to both the individual case and the market situation. It meets the current state of science and is competitive.

  • SCHERL & PARTNER exclusively act on behalf of a company's mandate. We disapprove of soliciting candidates' documents, whether benown or unbeknown to them. Such procedures do not comply with our work ethics.
  • SCHERL & PARTNER will only accept an assignment if the necessary knowledge, competence and capacity to complete it successfully can be provided.
  • The sole responsibility for each project remains with SCHERL & PARTNER and is never passed on to any third party.
  • Before SCHERL & PARTNER accept an assignment, we inform our clients about potential risks, restrictions and clashes of interests.
  • Our experience in qualified direct recruiting of specialists and executives guarantees fast results, thorough selection and superior hires.
  • When directly seeking suitable executive or specialist hire, SCHERL & PARTNER provide individual, competent counselling and consulting of both the client and the candidate.
  • Before qualified and interested candidates are chosen for further selection process, they are thoroughly interviewed by a SCHERL & PARTNER consultant.
  • We precontract a fixed fee with our clients for each recruitment assignment based on estimated professional time. The fee is invoiced according to project progress.
  • Confidentality is fully guaranteed. SCHERL & PARTNER commit to handle all clients' and candidates' information obtained in the recruitment process with utmost confidentiality.