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Your options in executive search

In order to reach your goals, you need highly qualified and motivated staff in every department of your company. Every new hire is potentially beneficial or detrimental to your business.

Due to the tense situation of most Eastern European labour markets, ordinary and seemingly cheap recruiting methods often do not lead to the desired results.

Not being familiar with the particularities of the Eastern European markets or not being willing to invest money in a professional method has bearing on the outcome of the search. In such cases, many make the mistake of trying to find suitable hire through local friends or acquaintances, which can create dependencies and insider relationships with risky consequences.

We do not believe that advertising vacancies on the internet or in print media is advantageous to any party involved. You risk to employ the wrong person because you are pressed for time, but finding the right hire on time is also not guaranteed. If you cannot find suitable hire within your planned time frame, you risk to frustrate your clients or even jeopardise the completion of your projects.

In such situations, you need an efficient solution. It pays to invest in a competent, reliable and experienced German partner who is familiar with the different mentalities in Russia and Eastern Europe and works locally for you.