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HR consulting and executive search - the current situation in Russia and Eastern Europe

German products and services still enjoy an overall positive reputation in Eastern Europe. Thus, German companies are expected to display excellence in service, quality and business ethics.

But still, sales are mostly determined by the “human factor“ - despite the quality of your product. Everybody seems to be aware of that, but many German and foreign companies still underestimate the issue of personnel when entering the Eastern European market. The need for high-skilled specialists and executives can create a real challenge, let alone dealing with different mentalities.

Due to our economic environment, it has become necessary to fill lower and middle, and increasingly, executive positions with local hires instead of German personnel only.

Finding suitable hire for open job positions presents all companies, not only those in Germany, with big challenges. The right candidate should posses both the required expertise and the necessary managerial skills. The applicant should also have mastered the foreign language (German and/or English) and be capable of overcoming the often underestimated intercultural problems and „misunderstandings“. On top of all that, the suitable canidate should be friendly, communicative, team-minded, poised – and affordable.

Sometimes the German company lacks money or time for a long and intensive personnel search. The people in charge underestimate the situation and set out on their own on a half-hearted venture to cheaply fill positions. Usually, such ventures are doomed to fail. On top of that, the necessary intercultural competence, which is crucial for finding suitable personnel in an environment with a foreign culture and language, is the very quality they lack. Even large and notable companies sometimes take months to more than a year to fill key positions in Russia and Eastern Europe!

There were times when all a German company had to do in Eastern or Central Europe was to point out their country of provenance – but these times are over. Nowadays a German company must be competitive in order to win good executives. Such people are difficult to find or not readily available, so they must be located.

Such a venture calls for the right partner with the required competence.